Jessie Childs

Speaker: Alexander Larman

Topic: The Windsors at War

Venue: Vinson Lecture Theatre

Time: 15:30-16:30 Friday 15 September

Talk Summary:

The royal family’s fortunes ebbed and flowed between 1937 and 1947: they endured the bombing of Buckingham Palace in May 1940, the Duke of Windsor’s ill-advised visit to Germany in October 1937, and the death of the Duke of Kent in a plane crash in August 1942. Despite these torments and tragedies, the Windsors managed to unite just enough to help Britain win the Second World War.

Alexander Larman is one of Britain’s most prolific cultural commentators and a regular contributor to the Critic, the Spectator and the Daily Telegraph among others. His latest book is The Windsors at War: the Nazi Threat to the Crown.