Miles Taylor

Speaker: Roger Moorhouse

Topic: Escaping the Holocaust: the Forgers’ Forgotten Story

Venue: Ondaatje Lecture Theatre, Radcliffe Centre

Time: 14:00-15:00, Friday 15 September

Talk Summary:

Between 1940 and 1943, a small group of Polish diplomats and Jewish activists in Switzerland engaged in a remarkable – and until now, almost completely unknown – humanitarian operation to save thousands of Jews from the Holocaust. Roger Moorhouse, employing the latest research, brings this clandestine operation to light to reveal a story of courage, compassion and deep humanity.

Roger Moorhouse is a historian and author specialising in modern German and Central European history, with particular interest in Nazi Germany, the Holocaust and Second World War. A visiting professor at the College of Europe in Warsaw, he is also the author of a number of books on modern German history, including Killing Hitler, Berlin at War, The Third Reich in 100 Objects, The Devils’ Alliance: Hitler’s Pact with Stalin, 1939-1941 and First to Fight: The Polish War 1939. His latest book is The Forgers: The Forgotten Story of the Holocaust’s Most Audacious Rescue Operation.