Buckingham Festival Talks 2022

ANDREW LOWNIE on Edward VIII, Lord Mountbatten, and Censorship

DAISY DUNN on Not Far from Brideshead: Oxford Between the Wars

ELEANOR PARKER on Children of the Norman Conquest

FITZROY MORRISSEY on Islam and the Greeks

FRANCES SPALDING on English Art Between the World Wars

GAVIN MORTIMER on Phoney Major? David Stirling and the SAS

HELEN THOMPSON on Energy, History and Conflict

JAMES FOX on The Art of Colour

JAMES G. CLARK on The Dissolution of the Monasteries

JANE RIDLEY on King George V and the Creation of the Modern Monarchy

JESSIE CHILDS on the Siege of Basing House

LUCY WARD on Catherine the Great’s Vaccination Campaign

MALCOLM GASKILL on Witches of the New World

MARTYN RADY  on the Habsburgs

PETER HEATHER on Christendom: the Triumph of a Religion

PETER STOTHARD on Crassus: Rome’s Richest Man

PETER H. WILSON on the Military History of the German-Speaking Peoples

ROBERT HARRIS on Act of Oblivion: the Greatest Manhunt of the Seventeenth Century

ROBERT LYMAN on the Fall of Singapore and the British Empire’s Second World War in Asia

RUTH SCURR on Napoleon the Gardener

SIMON HEFFER in conversation with MICHAEL GOVE: the Diaries of ‘Chips’ Channon